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ESET not starting on Ubuntu 22.04

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-> % journalctl -xe | grep eset
RULPF48Z3SQ dbus-daemon[1892]: [session uid=1000 pid=1892] Activating service name='eset.eea' requested by ':1.28' (uid=1000 pid=2367 comm="/usr/bin/gnome-shell " label="unconfined")
RULPF48Z3SQ dbus-daemon[1892]: [session uid=1000 pid=1892] Activated service 'eset.eea' failed: Process eset.eea exited with status 1

It stopped working on 11.01.2024. And we have 4 more Ubuntu laptops with the same problem.

Eset version is

Gnome-shell verison is 42.9

Does anyone has the same problem? Do you ave any solutions?

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  • ESET Staff


most probably you are experiencing issue with missing compiler. Ubuntu latest released kernel was compiled with gcc-12, but this version isn't by default installed there and it results into issue during our kernel modules compilation. 

Please try to install gcc-12 package (sudo apt install gcc-12) and start again our service. 



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Thank you, Kurco. You're lightning fast.

This helped.

this is the command order and installation file:

sudo apt install gcc-12

sudo apt-get remove eea

Then download the installer from eset and installed the AV with:

sudo sh ./eeau.x86_64.bin

After the reinstall activation was off.

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  • ESET Staff

There was no need to remove (during remove products are always deactivated) and install eea again. After installation of gcc-12, it is enough to try again starting our service sudo systemctl start eea. 

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I enrolled about 30 Ubuntu users today and about 6 of them is working properly. Should I install those gcc-12 via policy right after agent deployment ? Or what is the best practice in this problem ? 

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