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EEA for Linux is missing from the repository.

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EEA for Linux is missing the specified version to download. 
This is the previous version to the current


I tried downloading from ESET main page, but even in the previous version there's only a single version for v10 and v9.

Can we please push out

I can't start pushing to endpoints an untested version.



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Adding another note: 
image.png.77a08533c993bdb9bc76a87636a25a50.pngEEI is also missing. 
This is serious. how can we have only 1 released copy with no ability to go back a version if there's a problem\haven't tested it in our environment?? 

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  • ESET Moderators


thank you for your report.

The error is unrelated, it means that the server is unable to connect to the Repository so it might be a DNS issue or issue with the connectivity.
A senior EP developer noted, that we had such bug in the EP in the past so some versions weren't shown so it might be related. For example the is still available in the Repository.

The product management team is taking care of the issue with the download widget on the eset.com, but it will take time to fix. 

The minor releases are are only Servicing updates so no new major features added, mostly fixes of issues so those should not cause issues, but rather resolve them, see details at https://support-eol.eset.com/en/policy_business/versioning_rules.html


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Thanks Peter, 
I meant to show that both EEI and EEA installations are missing previous versions. 
I understand that the minor versions usually means no major new features are introduced,

However, in the past I have noticed specific minor version works while another don't. That's why all versions are being tested before mass-deployed. 
In any case, both the repo and the main site did not have versions available except the latest. 
This is the issue I experienced, on both EP and the website. 

That's kinda major, isn't it? 

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