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ESET Connect API manual - discrepancies


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Dear ESET Team et al.,

In the device_groups call to get a list of device groups, the manual tells that results will be in this form :

  "device_groups": [
      "display_name": "string",
      "is_security_group": true,
      "linked_entity_type": "DEVICE_GROUP_ENTITY_TYPE_UNSPECIFIED",
      "parent_group_uuid": "string",
      "uuid": "string"
  "next_page_token": "string",
  "total_size": 0

but it is in this form :


all of the keys are camel cased, which is annoying as hell

I'd personally greatly prefer keeping all in snake case, but at least choose one or the other and keep it standard across calls and results, please !

best regards

-- Jean-Michel





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