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threat found, now what?

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i did a deep scan and it found 10 threats. 

i don't have auto delete turned on incase it mistakes something i know isn't a virus.


Ive filtered the results in the log.... do i have to manually go to the location of each of these threats and delete them or can i delete them all from the program?

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Basically malware is cleaned automatically and you're prompted for an action only if a potentially unwanted, unsafe or suspicious application is detected. We'd need to know the exact detection name.

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Kedhrin-follow up with Marcos, let him know what you have.
You may want to look at these ESET Knowledgebase articles as an FYI:

The above article refers to real time protection but the same principle can apply to on demand scanning.





(I myself would do another on demand, in-depth scan, with standard cleaning enabled and allow ESET to quarantine the files-that way you know where they are, and you can deal with them as you wish <delete or restore>)


The following is from the ESET Help tab in your ESET product (mine is Smart Security 8):

Quarantining files

ESET Smart Security automatically quarantines deleted files (if you have not canceled this option in the alert window). If desired, you can quarantine any suspicious file manually by clicking Quarantine... If this is the case, the original file will not be removed from its original location. The context menu can also be used for this purpose; right-click in the Quarantine window and select Quarantine....

Restoring from Quarantine

Quarantined files can also be restored to their original location. Use the Restore feature for this purpose, which is available from the context menu by right-clicking a given file in the Quarantine window. If a file is marked as potentially unwanted application, the Restore and exclude from scanning option is enabled. Read more about this type of application in the glossary. The context menu also offers the Restore to... option which allows you to restore a file to a location other than the one from which it was deleted.

NOTE: If the program quarantined a harmless file by mistake, please exclude the file from scanning after restoring and send the file to ESET Customer Care.

Submitting a file from the Quarantine

If you have quarantined a suspicious file that was not detected by the program, or if a file was determined to be infected incorrectly (for example, by heuristic analysis of the code) and subsequently quarantined, please send the file to the ESET Virus Lab. To submit a file from quarantine, right-click the file and select Submit for analysis from the context menu.

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