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Spam Filter Stopped Working

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I'm running Internet Security version, with Outlook in Office 365.

Over the last couple of days, I've updated my Eset license and installed a program called Metadact to scrub metadata in documents attached to outgoing email. Since one of these two changes (and I strongly suspect it's the installation of Metadact), my Eset spam filter has stopped working. I can left-click on an email and designate it as Spam, but Eset has stopped catching Spam emails automatically.

I did a chat with Eset Tech Support, and was advised to change the Junk Mail setting in Outlook. I questioned whether that was associated with Eset's spam protection, and was repeatedly assured it was. Well, the problem of spam not being filtered by Eset persists.

I'd appreciate any help or suggestions to get Eset to once again filter spam.


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