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Assign Policy with the ESET Protect to ESET Endpoint Protection


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I have a problem to assign a policy for icmp from the Protect console at the endpoints. I want the hosts inside my network can ping the local subnet, respond to icmp 0,3,11 from host inside my network and all other icmp reguest to drop. I have create a policy for this and apply to the hosts but is not working ( forced ). Also i have modify the default policy from the ESET, Policy for ESET Endpoint Security - Protection - Balanced. At this policy i have disable the default rules for the icmp and create new and also i have put them at the top of the list. When the policy is apply at any host and i go to see the list of the rules, my rules is not first and also the default rules is not disabled. My ESET Protect is ver9 and the hosts that i try this is the last version of win10. Did anyone have any idea why this is happen? 

Thanks a lot.

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Do you have the issue also with the Configuration module 2099.5? If so, please raise a support ticket for help with further troubleshooting.


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