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what is the eset EOL for Windows 7

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had eset antivirus suddenly stop running on my VISTA64 laptop a few weeks ago even though I was paid up until 2024 in May. had to uninstall it and just use VISTA64 now for publishing my website's  webpages. should get a partial refund, but greed is a powerful vice.

meanwhile, got win7-64 w/eset internet security - when will the same thing happen with it? Not concerned about not having 'full protection' - just when will it just die like my VISTA64 did? When is eset's EOL for win7?

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If you install ESET before December it will continue to update modules. In December the current SHA2 certificate used to sign ESET binary files will expire so new installations and program updates will not be possible on systems without Azure Code Signing (ACS) support. For more information, please read https://support-eol.eset.com/en/trending_weol2023_10_2022.html.

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Guest not answered

the eset has been installed, upgraded, updated on the win7 machine for about  a decade, including win updates, so above 'answer' does not really address my question:

"when will ESET Internet Security go 'DEAD' on my win7 machine like it just did this month on my VISTA64 machine? "

They told me last time when I renewed my subscription on VISTA64 that it will be working for a few more years, yet BANG! Dies this month (oct 2023) and I'm left 'hanging' and out my full year's subscription... just wanna know when it will cease working (well, unless I 'upgrade' to a newer microslop version of windoz...) on my win7 laptop, and when I'll then have to just move it also over to Linux 😕

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Since the last version for Windows XP (v9) reached EOL in 2019, ie. 10 years after Microsoft sunset support, I don't expect to shutdown v16.0 (the last one with support for Windows 7) any time soon.

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Guest 'anytime soon'

...where have I heard that before - oh, yeah, when I asked about VISTA then it got dropped like a hot rock out of the blue :-O

~ so, nothing 'definite' about EOL for win7, but there's perhaps a need to consider eset's past assurances and remember the strong urge to go ahead and build an alternate system like Fedora 38, MX 23, or Ubuttu, etc. and just forget about the virus, malware, ransomware, etc world of windoz altogether :-D

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I do not have any information about EOL dates to share (that sort of information can be found on the https://support-eol.eset.com/ web site), but I did want to share a resource with you.  About five years ago I wrote a paper on how to securely maintain computers running Microsoft Windows XP after Microsoft had ended support for it.  You can find the blog post about it here (the paper itself is linked to at the end of second paragraph). 

While the paper itself focuses on securing Windows XP, a lot of the advice, concepts, suggestions, and recommendations are applicable to other obsolete operating systems like Windows Vista, Windows 7, and so forth.  It has been five years since Microsoft ended support for the latter, and hardware manufacturers have not been making compatible devices for a while, etc.  I would presume at some point Microsoft's activation servers will go offline as well.  The paper outlines some strategies about maintaining parts surpluses, rotating working hardware, maintaining proper network segmentation, all of which can help ensure that old computers remain running until they can be replaced by modern hardware and operating systems. 

As someone who personally loves playing with all sorts of vintage and retro computers and archaic operating systems, writing it was a way for me to help out other hobbyists with similar interests.


Aryeh Goretsky

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