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ESET Protect - New user logon taking several minutes


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In several computers, when a completely new (local or domain) user makes is first logon, it can take several minutes in "Waiting for User Profile Service" before finally the users desktop becomes available. Disabling real-time protection or uninstalling ESET Protect, the logon time reduces to 15-20 seconds. Tried with several versions, from the latest 10.1.2050.0 to 9.1.1298.0. Including "c:\users\default" in exceptions does help a bit, but the logon time keeps being excessive.

Windows 10 21H2 LTSC

Does anyone has seen this issue?

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Please raise a support ticket for further investigation of the issue. There is no correlation between pausing real-time protection and uninstalling ESET PROTECT server so this would need further clarification as well.

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