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I work for a small company and we only have one server here. I'm kind acting as the IT person right now... its a long story. 


I'd like to install ESET Remote Administrator to periodically check the health of our ~40 computers on the network. The problem is from all the documentation I have read you need to have Microsoft Windows Server that ISN'T a domain controller. We have Server 2008 R2 however it is a domain controller. That is the only server we have here. Is there any way I can install this? Do I need to build a Linux server in order to have remote administrator running? I'm not really interested in telling the bosses we need to spring for hardware and/or server software for this one application.


Please advise on the best course of action. Thanks in advance

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Hello CRLLP,


if you refer to new ERA v.6 the information can be found in the manual on page 31.


"NOTE: If you choose to install Microsoft SQL Server Express during ESET Remote Administrator installation, you will not be able to install it on a Domain Controller. This is likely to happen if you are using Microsoft SBS. If you use Microsoft SBS, we recommend that you install ESET Remote Administrator on a different server or do not select the SQL Server Express component during the installation (this requires you to use your an existing SQL Server or MySQL to run ERA database). NOTE: ERA Server stores large data blobs in the database, therefore it is necessary to configure MySQL to accept large packets for ERA to run properly. "

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Access isnt a very bad choice. It should be common knowledge about db that sql is faster more powerful and can handle large data.

i have used era on a couple dc for smaller networks with no issue. 20 or less endpoints.

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In case you are using SBS you can utilize SQL server, which is built in.

When you are installing the new ERA via all-in-one installer do not forger to deselect SQL express installation.


@Arakasi we are talking about ERA v.6, which does not have an option to use access database, because it doesn't provide all features required.

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Thanks for all of your responses!


I was looking at the ERA V.6 version sorry for not stating that earlier


We don't have SBS (We have Server 2008 R2) but we do have several SQL Express DBs running right now. I'm a little hesitant to install this on there. I think I'm going to put together a machine with some newer spare parts here and install a Linux server then install the RA on that and see how it goes. I'd rather try this method first and then fall back to something else if its just not working.


Thanks for all of your replies; with them I read about the Linux install and it looks like its not that big of a deal!


Have a great day,



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