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Proxy Sync Failed


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since few days we got the Message "Proxy Sync Failed"

A connection with the EEE Proxy Server could not be established (0xC010001E)

I found a similar issue from 2019, we have exact the same Problem.

 What is the reason for that?


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  • ESET Staff

Hi @Kloburger,

Just out of interest, have you submitted a support ticket for this issue?

The EEES Cloud Proxy error you are seeing is likely due to a Network Issue with connecting to our EEES Cloud Proxy. Please see the below KB for more information. You should ensure connection to http://stratus.deslock.com and https://stratus.deslock.com is allowed through your firewall, some customers have had set rules to allow the IP through their firewall to resolve this.


I can confirm the Cloud Proxy is accessible and not down, therefore it seems to be that there is something blocking the connecting via your EEE Server host.

Thank you,


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  • ESET Staff
1 minute ago, damtechmatt said:

I am now also getting this issue. From our EEE server, and also from the workstations.

Has something gone down?

Hi @damtechmatt,

As of today, we have had issues, we are currently investigating this and I shall update this post once we know more.

Please note, this is not relevant to the original post. But a new situation today.

Thank you,


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