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The system detected an overrun of a stack based buffer in this application. This Overrun could potentially allow malicious user to gain control of this application

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Week ago I trued to force update windows ( probably was optional update) showed some error not this message  and turned off the laptop, a day later had to check quickly and the laptop was turned on for 15-20 min (didnt check if there were any updates going on) turned off and turned it on today and upon turning on was slow and showed this message . I shut it down and turned it on again an there was a windows update and now its working fine. The "This Overrun could potentially allow malicious user to gain control of this application" message got me, since I do banking on this laptop and keep it safe from browsing youtube and online banking sites.

1. I really want to know what caused this issue, was it just some troubleshooting in the system or there is actually a malicious user as it states on the message. I am wondering if i should wipe-out and resinstall the windows or run the eset in depth scan or I checked on the internet about something called -RUn SFC and DISM command. Now I wanna know what caused the issue and was wondering if i do these steps the potential issue could be cleaned w/o me knowning thus happening again. 

I chekced event viewer there we some errors that got my attention

 7023 The NcbService service terminated with following error - A Device attached to the system is not functioning 

7022 - the windows search service hung on starting 

7022 - the update orchestrator service service hun on starting

7022 -The system guard runtime monitor broker service hung on starting

Also chekced the reliability monitor in security and maintenance - aw from today some critical errors -  first being windows - was not properly shut down( the turn off switch by me I guess) MoUSO core worker process stopped working, as far as i know this is something with the windows update which is fine now , I think I also got this error a week ago when I tried to force update it . Also got Microsoft,photos.exe - stopped responding and was closed and Windows Defender app - stopped working and it was closed ( Do I care about this when I have eset i-net security) 

Just overall I wanna know if it was just a application that didn't start correctly upon turning on or the windows update or there is this "malicious user" how to find out exactly  .  And if I to the full scan and nothing is found is it safe to use the laptop for banking etc ? 

Sorry for the long post !

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36 minutes ago, Marcos said:

Do you assume it was caused by ESET that you have posted here? Was ESET installed at all when the error occurred?

I don't assume it was caused by ESET, and it was installed. Was just wondering if It was a issue while turning on the system or it's a malicious user. Sorry I forgot to post the name the application is called sihost.exe that errored, is there a way to edit ? 

Basically when I turned on the laptop after a week or so an error message came sihost.exe with the title name on the error message, I pressed enter waited for 3-4 seconds. and turned it off, and on by the power button. Then windows update happened you know the 30% etc. And it worked , it was a bit slow (usually it is ) in the beginning now its workig. Wanna know if its something malicious or just this application bugged and I dont know how to check 😕 

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21 minutes ago, Marcos said:

I'd recommend to post in another support forum. This is an ESET forum where people discuss issues and matters related to ESET.

Okay, thank you for the quick response 

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