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Threat detected on PC, but not Android

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Hi all,


Today, there is a website that I've been accessing for 2 years without an issue. today I suddenly got threat detection on my Windows 11 pc.


The 1st one is Threat: JS/Spy.Banker.KY trojan

Then later in the day, I got a different one JS/Agent.OHH trojan


I also have ESET on my Android, but ESET did not pick up the issue on my Android phone and thus I can access the page no issue.


So my question is, does that mean issue is only for windows 11 and I can access it safely on my Android?

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On Android we do not scan application protocols like we do on Windows, ie. the application / scanner has no way to see the web content. In the future we plan to make a research on this if scanning network traffic and web content would be possible from technical point of view and without substantial adverse effects on system performance and battery.

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