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Some installs of eset are missing the firewall?

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Guest Daniel Kelly

I install ESET Endpoint security (Version 10) on multiple business machines, PC and laptop, but for some reason some of the installs have the firewall option installed and some don't, does anybody have an idea why this is happening?

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Couldn't it be that you installed ESET Endpoint Antivirus on the machines without the firewall? Please sign up for this forum and post logs collected with ESET Log Collector from such machine.

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Guest Daniel Kelly

I use the windows installer from the ESET Protect Cloud website, there is no option within this install to select a firewall, I use the same method to install ESET Endpoint Security on each of the machines, but some installs come with the firewall included and some don't. I was wondering If there is a reason why as we want all our machines to use the ESET firewall?

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Guest IanMcLachlan

LOL ... I just asked my team this very question ie.  some get FW with Eset EP software and others don't.  There doesn't appear to be any rhyme or reason.  It's the same Cloud installer we use.  Machines are a collection of Win10/11

I'd be really inetrested to know

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