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Is Eset online scanner only one-time use?

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Guest renoir

I downloaded Eset online scanner, and scanned my computer. After it finished scanning, it suddenly closes on its own, and it refused to work again. When I try to open it, it would open the interface, but immediately shuts down again before I can do anything else (like view the detection logs, or try to unquarantine what seems to be false detections). Thankfully I managed to export the log before it closed down the first time, and nothing important got deleted. Still. If I can't use the program for a second time, then should I just delete it and install a different antivirus program?

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On 7/10/2023 at 9:56 PM, itman said:


I think you can use it more than once as some do but it's never as good as the full paid version anyways 

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