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Does ESET block all inbound connections by default like windows?

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Guest Michael

For windows firewall before i installed eset i disabled a lot of outbound and inbound connections and I’m wondering if eset saved those settings and carried over. I don’t want to add things manually via eset firewall as it takes too long and I don’t know many things by heart. I don’t seem to find easy access with the eset firewall apart from the block all traffic option and can’t monitor whats inbound and outbound like this unless ive missed something:


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In automatic mode all outbound communication is allowed and non-initiated inbound communication blocked.

You can enable this option to honor the permissive rules of the Windows firewall:


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To clarify whereas the Eset firewall will use existing Win firewall inbound rules as noted in the prior posting, such is not the case for existing Win firewall outbound rules. Equivalent Eset firewall rules will have to be manually created for those Win firewall outbound rules.

Also note that existing Eset inbound firewall rules take precedence over existing Win inbound firewall rules. That is Eset firewall rules are parsed first, then Win inbound firewall rules are checked if applicable Eset firewall option is enabled.

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