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ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Exclusions Question

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I am trying to understand ESET Mail Security exclusions.  This is in an ESET article: ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server applies "Directory/Folder exclusions" only ("Process exclusions" and "File name extension exclusions" are not applied).

Does this make the product dangerous in a default install in the sense that it can scan critical processes and file extensions and can cause a lock on something that Exchange needs to modify?  What is the correct way to make sure everything Microsoft recommends is excluded?  Do we need to create a custom policy or does ESET provide one?  How do we make sure on a new install that those settings are being applied to prevent issues?  I apologize if I'm not understanding the product correctly and perhaps automatic exclusions is fine in an Exchange environment.

Thank you.

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Automatic exclusions are based on recommendations by Microsoft. If a process reads or writes to an excluded folder, the file is not scanned like it would not be scanned if the process was excluded.

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