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Extreme CPU usage from ESET

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I'm currently running ESET 7.3.3700.0 on MacOS Ventura 13.4 on an M2 Macbook Pro. 

This morning after logging in, before launching any programs whatsoever, ESET started positively destroying my CPU at 1000% usage or higher. It has been doing this for over a half hour.


I did not launch a scan, and from everything I can see in the ESET GUI and Logs, no active scan is currently going.

This is positively overwhelming the system right now, and I'm not sure why it's happening.

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Slight further update, in the approximately 1 hr that the machine has been powered on this morning, scand has written nearly One Terabyte of information to disk(!!!), which is well beyond what any other process has done at all.


Any insight into what is happening here would be appreciated.

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2 minutes ago, Marcos said:

Please collect logs as per the instructions at https://support.eset.com/en/kb3404, open a ticket with your local ESET distributor and supply them with the generated archive when asked for logs.

I will do this, but I do not have a local ESET distributor. I purchased directly from the ESET webpage. Who should I be contacting?

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For anyone else in the future who might have this issue and comes across this post:

After doing some poking around myself, I actually got to the bottom of this this morning. This issue was cause by having the "Removable Media Access" option checked under "Scan on" in the "Files system protection" settings.


After turning this off and rebooting, the system returned to normal operations.

From what I could gather, having this option selected meant that at boot, the entirety of my external Time Machine drive was being scanned silently. When Time machine then attempted to launch a backup at the same time, the combination of these simultaneous scans and backups ground the system to a halt. Checking my backup logs, none of my iterative backups had completed since I upgraded to 7.3.3700.0, which is when I selected this option "on", foolishly assuming it'd target USB thumbdrives and the like - That's on me. I ought to have recalled that external USB backup drives count as removable media.

Since turning this option off, the system is under less strain, scand is not out of control, and my backups are completing. 

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