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macOS 13.2.1 Problems

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After a macOS update, ESET Endpoint Antivirus cannot be uninstalled, upgraded and is blocking user access to internet. Only when logged in as root can internet be accessed. 

Management agent is also installed.

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If removing ESET under root and reinstalling it is not possible, please raise a support ticket for help with troubleshooting the issue.

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Thanks for your response Marcos, much appreciated.

I found some instructions on the web that allowed the uninstallation procedure to complete. The ESET package I had previously downloaded failed to uninstall (unable to stop service) and would not install an upgrade without uninstall first.

We have a server with the ERA console from which we manage desktops with ESET Endpoint AV. The Macs sometimes (rarely) lose internet connectivity because of the ESET product.

Do you know if ESET has a version of Endpoint AV that is ready for macOS 13.2.1?

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