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ESET installer flagged on VirusTotal

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Hi! I recently installed ESET Internet Security on my laptop from the official site, but since I am paranoid about such things I scanned the installer .exe file on VirusTotal and a detection showed up marking it as a Trojan. Here is the link for the analysis:


Could this be a false positive? What does it mean, why would this show up? I had my laptop checked by a specialist and he confirmed that I did in fact download the correct installer etc. 

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Do you know maybe why it would flag it that way? I don't understand how something like this would get a detection at all and I'm worried that maybe I did in fact download the wrong file?

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I assume it's an detection automatically generated by a system which is too aggressive. Probably the fact that the executable downloaded a file from the Internet and had an invalid signature (it gets assembled from various parts before the download which breaks the signature) was enough to generate the detection.

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1 hour ago, Guest mimi said:

Oh and sorry, did you look at the details in VT?

This only AV solution to flag it at VT is DrWeb. It's a false positive detection.

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Are you sure? Did I download the correct file? Maybe this could be reported to DrWeb? I shouldn't have to be worried if an AV gave me a virus itself...

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