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Not able to login to ESET HOME: emty page opens after clicking "aanmelden"

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If I try to login to ESET HOME (either by clicking the "open ESET HOME"-button in the application, as well as when going via "eset.com/be-nl/support/existing-customers/"  and then clicking "In ESET HOME beheren"), a new empty window opens in my browser (url = login.eset.com/Login/ResetPassword?returnUrl=%2Fconnect%2Fauthorize%2F......), and that's it.

This happens with Firefox, as well as with Chrome. I find it strange that there is the "ResetPassword?"-portion in the URL, so my guess is that there's something wrong with the links.

Yesterday I tried to get help via "eset.com/be-nl/" -->contacten, after a long search I found a Dutch phone-number for support. (I tried the "chat"-button first, but this also gave me an empty pop-up!) The person n the phone tried to help, took over the pc with Bomgar(?), but could not solve the problem because, he said, he couldn't get into my account because he operates in the Netherlands and I had to get help from a Belgian ESET-worker. That's problem nr. x: nowhere to find any support for Belgian customers.

What he managed to do, is checking whether I was registered at all, but trying to create a new account with the same mail-address gave an error that the account existed already!

So I hope I can finally find some help here...

thnx in advance and kind regards,




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thank you, Metaller,

I tried your solution but it didn't help me, the problem persists.

I tried already to get help by using the 'get support'-button in the program (ESET internet security), but then I'm routed to a Dutch support-site, and they told me that they cannot help me and I should get help at Belgian support. On the Belgian website there is nowhere to find a link/button to specific Belgian support (links/buttons provided on this site lead me to international ESET support site, or Dutch support site). The Dutch support send me a direct link to get help (https://www.eset.com/be-nl/support/contact), and I tried 2 times to get support this way, but I get no answer at all.

thnx in advance for further help and kind regards,



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