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ESET NOD32 for Mac doesn't Appear to connect to ERAS


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My organization is preparing to deploy ESET to a number of macs and PCs, and we noticed that the Macs in our test environment do not appear to be communicated with the ERAS. For testing purposes we have the clients connect to the server every minute, but it has been several ours since the Mac clients have last connected to the server. All Mac clients are currently being used by their normal users and appear to be downloading updates from the mirror server.


Any help would be appreciated.

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You have to deploy the installations with a modified config if they were suppose to connect right away after the push.

switching policy after the fact will not work because they dont know where to check in at.

Might have to manually rdp to them and set the erac

or deploy again, i think that works, they may install over the top with the new config, need some staff to let us know if that is ok or not. or just test it. Updates i deploy that way everytime.

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