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What happens when old DLPES license expires?


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I have the following situation: I used ESET encryption on all my computers on the network using the old DLPES license.

Now I have migrated from ESET PROTECT ENTRY to ESET PROTECT Advanced (which includes ESET ENCRYPTION).

The problem is that the old DLPES license will expire in 8 days and I don't have enough time to migrate all computers to the new solution provided by ESET PROTECT Advanced.

What will happen when the old DLPES license will expire? Will the users still be able to login and use the computers?

WIll the solution stop encrypting only the new data?



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  • ESET Staff

Hi @povas,

We have a KB available that may help explain this to you: https://support.eset.com/en/kb7536-expired-eset-endpoint-encryption-license

But don't worry your users will still be able to login and use their computers and access any encrypted data, it just won't allow you to encrypt any further data, but any current data can be decrypted, this goes for FDE and Folder/File Encryption etc.

Thank you,


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