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  1. Yes, it solved it for me, no problems since yesterday evening. Now the engine is on 22350.
  2. Already update to 22348, seems to be working fine, now the signature is current.
  3. The solution posted by markner and also indicated to me by Burk worked for me also, but the virus signature is from 2 days ago. Let's wait for the ESET team to fix it.
  4. Same for me, on all Linux machines, both running SUSE and Centos. Do anybody have any solution for this?
  5. I just installed the Linux Mail Security integrated with Postfix. Everything works fine. The only thing is that now an email which contains an infected attachment still reaches the recipient, although the attachment is removed. Can you please advice how to configure ESET Mail Security in order for the email (if contains an infected attachment) not to reach the recipient and to be delivered to quarantine?
  6. Version 7.1 of the management agent was previously deployed on all the stations in my network. Now I have upgraded the agent to version 7.2 but there are still some stations that report the agent as outdated, even if the 7.2 version is currently installed on them. On some stations, these alerts disappeared upon station reboot, but on some it still appears even though the agent is upgraded. The alert dates back a few days as the first original occurrence date. Is there any way to force update the workstation details so I can get rid of the alerts?
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