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The 2FA authentication mechanism has not been initialized yet

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On some user computer I receive this error message "The 2FA authentication mechanism has not been initialized yet"


The computer can ping the core server. The user configuration is attached. Any ideas ?



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  • ESET Staff

Hi @ThePro,

maybe to start with during the first initial connection between the endpoint and the server the endpoint has to be online/connected to the internet. Maybe this piece below can help but still have a look at my second part of the response.


If 2FA protection is enabled for offline mode, all users whose accounts are secured by 2FA and who want to use a 2FA-protected PC must log in to that PC for the first time while the PC is online. By 'online',we mean that the main computer where the Authentication Server is installed and the ESET Secure Authentication Service service is running and can be pinged from the 2FA-secured computer.

Suppose the Windows Login component is installed on the same computer where the Authentication Server is installed, and 2FA protection for Safe Mode is enabled. Simultaneously, the offline mode is disabled (Do not allow access is selected in Offline behavior section). In that case, the user will be allowed to log in to Safe Mode (without networking) without OTP.

Please let me know what is the set-up and what are you trying to protect via the ESA 2FA and I will try to help you.

Kind regards,


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