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  1. Finallt after a few reboots the issue solved itself. Thank you.
  2. On some user computer I receive this error message "The 2FA authentication mechanism has not been initialized yet" The computer can ping the core server. The user configuration is attached. Any ideas ?
  3. Hi, Has someone successfully setup Windows Login protection using a Yubikey 5 with FIDO ? I was able to enroll but at the login windows I get the attached error message.
  4. Hi, Yesterday I accepted the update to version 7.3.2041 in the web console and now all our computers are restarting automatically (no prompt) to complete the update. We have Event ID 1074 in the log saying that the C:\Program Files\ESET\ESET Security\ekrn.exe process is the culprit. How do we prevent that to happen ?
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