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Benefits of Smart Security Premium over Internet Security

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Hello all,

I'm trying to weigh up whether it's worth upgrading my ESET Internet Security license to Smart Security Premium.
I understand this will essentially give me the "LiveGuard" feature for protection against new/unknown threats (the encryption and password management are not of interest - I use 1Password and do not need to encrypt files).

The upgrade cost is around £56 though this gives an additional year, so effectively £23.

Some time ago, I was using VoodooShield with ESET Internet Security, no problems really but the PC is definitely more responsive with just ESET, so I'm wondering if Smart Security Premium is the way forward.
I've seen the latest AVLab results for ESS Premium, which are excellent. Realistically how much better is ESS Premium to Internet Security?

As a side note, I have read the immensely informative "More LiveGuard Concerns" topic in detail by itman and appreciate the LiveGuard service will likely improve in time. Is it worth the additional outlay at the moment?

Thank you in advance.

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Hello @iBearXST my personal opinion is if you don't use encryptfile and you already have a password manager to stick with internet security (which does its job very well). Also because afterwards you would have the main interface of ESS  premium with two big icons that you will not use.




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ESET LiveGuard available only in ESET Smart Security Premium ensures maximum protection against new threats by analyzing downloaded files, files executed from removable media, etc. are immediately analyzed in a cloud sandbox while temporarily blocking execution. That said, even if you don't need Password manager or Disk encryption modules, it makes sense to pay a little more for ESET Smart Security Premium.

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