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Unknown SIM card inserted - WRONG!

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Good evening

While working to help my wife manage her contacts on her phone, I was importing some contacts from SIM to google contacts. some minutes later the phone locked. Despite entering my ESET HOME password, it tells me "Communication failed". ( password was correct)

The SIM is online as I can send WHATSApp to it and call the phone, although cannot answer them !

My wife submitted a support case and was advised to change the ESET HOME password. I did this. When I try to unlock the phone it still says "Communication failed"

My ESET HOME password works to log into my account. However, my wife's phone is NOT listed as a device. I've used 5 licenses and shows only 4 devices.  How on earth can I unlock her phone please? There are two cases logged now; one from my wife #CASE_00338303 and one I've logged #338311.

Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you. 


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Tonyset, I could not disable the Anti theft from the ESET HOME as the device was missing from the list of devices although it said a license was used !

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Macros, I knew my ESET HOME password and when I attempted to input it said "Communication failed" . I did try to reset password anyway but still the device would return the same error - Communication failed. 

The phone was on the network and mobile data working as the phone received a phone call and Whatsapp message. 

An reply to my my wife from the support desk was to try and get the phone into Safemode. Did that and no soon as I was in safemode, the phone rebooted. Tried and tried again. Even when I was in safe mode, I could NOT see the ESET apps. 

SOLUTION - Clean wipe of phone, and reinstall apps. But, this time, I've NOT enable Antitheft. 

Can you confirm what you mean by not deleting ESET contacts from SIM ?  Want to make sure I understand this fully before re-enabling. 

Thank you

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If you enable the Auto-lock feature in Anti-Theft, a contact ESET* (e.g. ESETf6v9de) will be created on the SIM card for identification of the SIM card. This contact must not be deleted in order for the Auto-lock feature to work.

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Marcos , thank you for your prompt reply. Will make a not of that and have a look at that setting. Might have been where the issue started. Thank you

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