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I did not receive my license.

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Hola, mi nombre es Natalia, soy de Colombia y hace dos días compré una licencia para dos computadoras válida por un año y hasta el momento no he recibido ningún correo con los códigos.
Hice la compra a través de la página oficial, revisé cada rincón de mi correo electrónico, probé todo lo que recomiendan hacer y aún nada.
Sigo esperando a que me resuelvan lo antes posible mi ticket de soporte porque la verdad es que da vergüenza haber depositado mi confianza en el producto y que ni siquiera la licencia provisional que me facilitaron funciona.
Espero que alguien pueda darme una solución efectiva o darme una recomendación que no he probado.
Muchas gracias por tu tiempo.

Evidencia 2.png

Compra de Eset.png


Machine translatation:

I am from Colombia and two days ago I bought a license for two computers valid for one year and so far I have not received any email with the codes.
I made the purchase through the official page, I checked every corner of my email, I tried everything they recommend to do and still nothing.
I'm still waiting for my support ticket to be resolved as soon as possible because the truth is that it's embarrassing to have placed my trust in the product and that even the provisional license they gave me doesn't work.
I hope someone can give me an effective solution or give me a recommendation that I haven't tried.

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11 minutes ago, LesRMed said:

I don't think that's an official ESET site. ESET Columbia is https://www.eset.com/co/. I would request a refund and buy from the official ESET site.

The email is from @eset-la.com, should be legitimate.

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Thank you very much for your answers.

I clarify that I initially purchased the product for trial from the official ESET website.
To purchase the license, I entered directly from the link that the ESET program itself provided me because the trial period is about to expire.
I highly doubt that your legal products will redirect me to fraudulent pages.


The link that you buy me redirects me to exactly the same promotion that I purchased.
I add that in my email I have the invoice and other emails verifying the purchase and acceptance of the credit but I still have not received the codes.

Evidencia 5.png

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Do as @Marcos requested:

24 minutes ago, Marcos said:

Please provide your public license ID in the form of XXX-XXX-XXX.

Your public license id can be found per the below screen shot:


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Is it safe to share my license id here?

I will and I hope I'm not making the mistake of sharing data that could compromise my account.

Evidencia 6.png

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The above public license ID is for your trial license that is going to expire. Please provide the public license ID that you have received in the registration email after the purchase.

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Eso es lo que trato de explicar, no me ha llegado ningún código o número que se asemeje a la licencia.
Solo recibí un correo electrónico verificando mi pago por la compra del producto.

¿Cómo activaré una nueva licencia si no he recibido la identificación?

Ese es mi problema.

Evidencia 7.png

Evidencia 8.png

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41 minutes ago, Marcos said:

El ID de licencia pública anterior es para su licencia de prueba que va a caducar. Proporcione la identificación de licencia pública que recibió en el correo electrónico de registro después de la compra.

That is what I try to explain, I have not received any code or number that resembles the license.
I only received an email verifying my payment for the purchase of the product.

How will I activate a new license if I have not received the ID?

That's my problem.

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1 hour ago, LadyNath said:

I'm waiting on that for an answer.
As far as I understand, the official ESET distributor for Colombia is Frontech SAS.

Call them. Phone number provided below:


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I already sent request for both parts.

I can only wait which of the two companies first deigns to give me the solution.

Thank you very much for your support.

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Ok, it's fixed now.

I was never able to contact the intermediary but in the end the Latin American support staff solved the problem for me.

I really appreciate your support. 

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