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Splunk syslog server does not recived Endpoint logs from Eset protect 9


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Dear friends

I had received ESET logs from server since 4/5/2022 , suddenly from after noon I did not have received anything from it .My ESET PROTECT server is 9.0.1144.0 version. I have only modified my notification in User interface policy about the ESET push notification service can not be reached  and disable this feature in both send and show sections. does it related to this modification?

also the syslog server setting is correct in port and ip in my server setting.


the eset push notification can not be reached.PNG

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Did you check the Syslog setting in the ESET PROTECT advanced setup? If the settings are ok, I would check the EP server log for possible errors (you may need to temporarily increase the logging verbosity).

Anyways, for further troubleshooting I would recommend opening a support ticket.

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