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  1. yes I have installed Apache HTTP proxy on windows server that has ESET protect.
  2. I had old version of ESET protect 8.1 and my Endpoints were on version 8.0 and 8.1 .yesterday I upgrade them into 9 version and face with this alert (real time file system protection non functional and systems required to restart), is this alert normal after upgrade systems or I should change policy setting in real time module?
  3. Dear Marcos My clients are directly connect to the internet but their received their module update from ESET protect update server. and my ESET server is located on windows machine .
  4. Dear friends I had received ESET logs from server since 4/5/2022 , suddenly from after noon I did not have received anything from it .My ESET PROTECT server is 9.0.1144.0 version. I have only modified my notification in User interface policy about the ESET push notification service can not be reached and disable this feature in both send and show sections. does it related to this modification? also the syslog server setting is correct in port and ip in my server setting.
  5. Dear Friends after I upgrade my ESET console into 9.0.1144.0 and my Endpoints into 9.0.2046.0 I have critical alerts to some of my endpoint client that real time file system protection is non functional,and it has alert that your device restart required too. why this alert is coming? should I change something in my policies or it become disappear when I restart my endpoint clients?
  6. thanks, I have Disabled these notifications in the patch of user interface>>application statuses>>general>> the eset push notification service can not be reached also I have disabled these choices like presentation mode is enabled and product outdated not show on desktop. Do these related to fix my problem?
  7. Dear Frineds Some of my computers which are the 8.0.1238.x have annoying notification which shows every 30 minutes as pop-up in client side. this version is limited support and now it is warnning. how can I disable the notification of security product is out dated?
  8. yes they connect to internet through http proxy but my console and apache are located in windows server .these commands are for linux server
  9. so that should all of my systems restart once again? is it related to something change in my policy or console?
  10. I suddenly face this problem too without any changing in my policies. this alert appears on my devices which has endpoint security 8.0.2028.0. auto update feature is disable. I guess this is related to end of life of this product.
  11. Dear friends Today I face with the eset push notification service cannot be reached and it is so annoying .all of the ports and services on eset.com are allowed on my firewall and router. I have version 9 endpoint security on my clients for 3 months. suddenly,today I face this notification on the client side and there is no alert on my eset protect console. I restart my clients many times but this notification not disappear and it is so annoying on the clients side and it pop up every 30 minutes. what should I do to solve this? my eset protect version is 8.0.1258.0 and endpoint security version is 9.0.2032.6.
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