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Internal Report Error after migrating database from mariadb 10.3 -> MySQL 8.0

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I am trying to migrate my database from MariaDB 10.3 to MySQL 8.0 in order to support upgrade to the new ESMC / ESET PROTECT v9 which no longer supports MariaDB.

I was able to import the database into MySQL following these instructions however now I am getting "Internal Report Error" on almost every screen (see attached screenshots).

I also tried upgrading both the console & the server components to v9 to see if it would fix the issue however it produces the same error.

Here's an output of the error logs from the console:

01-Apr-2022 20:55:08.666 SEVERE [pool-1-thread-11] sk.eset.era.g2webconsole.server.modules.logger.LogItem.logInto [joel] Call  failed on server. Reason: 'Internal report error'
01-Apr-2022 20:55:08.666 WARNING [pool-1-thread-11] sk.eset.era.g3webserver.graphql.executionstrategy.GqlExecutionStrategyProvider$GqlExceptionHandler.toError EraRequestHandlingException: sk.eset.era.g2webconsole.server.modules.connection.rpc.RpcException: Internal report error
        sk.eset.era.g2webconsole.common.model.exceptions.EraRequestHandlingException: Internal report error
                at sk.eset.era.g2webconsole.server.modules.ServerModuleHelper.onRpcExceptionNoPending(ServerModuleHelper.java:159)
                at sk.eset.era.g2webconsole.server.modules.ServerModuleHelper.onRpcException(ServerModuleHelper.java:149)
                at sk.eset.era.g2webconsole.server.modules.ServerModuleHelper.doRequestAllowPending(ServerModuleHelper.java:243)
                at sk.eset.era.g2webconsole.server.modules.reports.ReportsModuleImpl.generateReportInternal(ReportsModuleImpl.java:164)
                at sk.eset.era.g2webconsole.server.modules.reports.ReportsModuleImpl.generateReport(ReportsModuleImpl.java:96)
                at sk.eset.era.g3webserver.reports.ReportGenerator.generate(ReportGenerator.java:50)
                at sk.eset.era.g3webserver.reports.GqlWrapperReportResolver.resolve(GqlWrapperReportResolver.java:53)
                at sk.eset.era.g3webserver.reports.GqlWrapperReportResolver.resolve(GqlWrapperReportResolver.java:43)
                at sk.eset.era.g3webserver.reports.GqlWrapperReportResolver.resolve(GqlWrapperReportResolver.java:27)
                at sk.eset.era.g3webserver.graphql.GqlApiQuery$1.lambda$resolve$0(GqlApiQuery.java:116)
                at sk.eset.era.g3webserver.graphql.QueryContext.lambda$executeAsync$0(QueryContext.java:77)
                at java.base/java.util.concurrent.CompletableFuture$AsyncSupply.run(CompletableFuture.java:1764)
                at java.base/java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(ThreadPoolExecutor.java:1130)
                at java.base/java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$Worker.run(ThreadPoolExecutor.java:630)
                at java.base/java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:831)
        Caused by: sk.eset.era.g2webconsole.server.modules.connection.rpc.RpcException: Internal report error
                at sk.eset.era.g2webconsole.server.modules.connection.rpc.RpcCallRequest.untypedSendTo(RpcCallRequest.java:117)
                at sk.eset.era.g2webconsole.server.modules.connection.rpc.reports.GenerateReportRequest.sendTo(GenerateReportRequest.java:98)
                at sk.eset.era.g2webconsole.server.modules.connection.rpc.reports.GenerateReportRequest.sendTo(GenerateReportRequest.java:36)
                at sk.eset.era.g2webconsole.server.modules.rpcCalls.RpcCallsProdModule.send(RpcCallsProdModule.java:26)
                at sk.eset.era.g2webconsole.server.modules.ServerModuleHelper.doRequestAllowPending(ServerModuleHelper.java:235)


This has been driving me nuts for 2 days - I would appreciate any support you can provide.


Thank you,




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  • ESET Staff


I am concerned that the scenario you are trying to achieve is not supported, as MariaDB was never officially supported. Maybe @MartinK will be able to provide more insight, but I am really afraid it will not work. 

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Hi there, I discovered that the problem was a setting on the target MySQL database, specifically log_bin_trust_function_creators=1

It turns out our cloud provider does not allow us to enable that on their managed database.

So I went with a small MySQL 8 install on a VPS instead, and enabled that setting.

From there I was able to migrate off of MariaDB and perform the upgrade to version 9 without issue, and I don’t get any more errors.


Thank you,

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