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Export rules created by Firewall Learning Mode?

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We are managing our clients via ESET Protect Cloud and we recently started to use the Firewall component of ES. It all seems fine so far, however I can see that there is a lot of rules created by the Firewall learning mode on my test devices. Since I will be keeping the majority of them I wanted to ask is there a way to export these in order to add them to my policies so this configuration can be assigned to all devices? So far the only way to do this is to sit on a dual screen computer and to open the created rules on each endpoint and then to manually create them one by one in ESET Protect Cloud. I hope you can agree that this is tedious process which takes a lot of time. I just wanted to check is there an easier way I am missing here?

Thank you in advance!

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It's possible to export/import only the whole configuration or policy. However, you could edit the exported configuration xml and remove all settings but firewall rules and then use the xml to import just the rules on other computers.

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Hi Marcos,

Yes, I found the option to import/export the configuration from the endpoint client. However I can't find a way to import this into ESET Protect Cloud in order to add the rules to a policy. Importing this configuration to hundreds of computers manually one by one is not really achievable, and even if this is done, we won't have any central visibility over these rules.

Are there any plans for endpoints to report the learning mode rules to the ESET Protect Cloud where we can add them to a policy or discard them like other vendors do?


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What you can do, is that you can pull the configuration from a selected client, where the learning mode was running (via computer details / configuration / request configuration) and once that is done, you can convert it into policy, and apply just the particular FW rules, that you want to apply to the rest of your network. 


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