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ESET Apache Proxy set up | Displaying Remote Host properly

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Hi everyone. 
Trying to figure out how can I get the "remote host" column in ESET Protect to show the real\external IP address of a client reaching out to the server via the reverse proxy set up (using Apace according to ESET's instructions. ) 

I also notice it doesn't display the actual IP address for computers connected through the network (e.g. those in office or over VPN - which have communicate with the internet via the office public IP. ) 

How can I get it to work correctly? Where is the missing configuration to have ESET report external\public IP address?



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Would appreciate some answer on the matter guys.  (or if anyone managed to figure it out) 
This is really bugging. Trying to add the suggested PreserveIPHost - still shows the internal IP proxy address

is there something I'm missing? 


Thanks again

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  • ESET Moderators

EP displays IP of the proxy, which is seen by the OS from which the agents are connecting.

Agent does not check the public IP, but reports the data from the network interface i.e. what you can see in ipconfig. 

So if you want to achieve this. I'm afraid that the agents would had to connect directly or otherwise without the proxy...


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Thanks Peter,
Still need some sort of a solution - a remote command, some report to gather that info. 


Can we come up with that? (maybe create customized report collection from the machine? ) 

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That's what I'm thinking. 
I'm asking how does a command reply it's output? 
I could probably find some curl command for macs but I need to find a way to view the output of the command. 
a customize report \ a report that will run the command to a website that reports external IP address to some log text file would be helpful.

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