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Manage multiple on-prem servers from one place?


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I would like to know what are my options to manage few on-perm-servers from one place remotely?

My deployment is 10 computers in one office, no internet connection, connected to on perm-server with internet connection.

I basically would like to manage all these servers from one place. (I have 11)


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If you manage computers in different companies or organizations, perhaps the best would be to get ESET PROTECT Cloud and point the machines to connect to your cloud ESET PROTECT instance. For each organization/company you can create a separate static group.

Managing multiple ESET PROTECT servers from the console is not possible, you'd need to have each console in a separate browser tab.

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Thank you for the answer @Marcos, unfortunately connect the endpoints to the cloud wont be an option.

Only the ESET protect.

I guess ill have to manage all the servers separately.  

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You should be able to set up HTTP proxies at each remote location and then point them all to a single server if your network topology allows it. This way the endpoint will require only a connection to their respective HTTP proxy. Then as Marcos said, you can create static groups for each company in your on-premise ESET Protect server.

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  • ESET Staff

As mentioned, in case management of remote locations is to be handled by one instance of ESET PROTECT, network connectivity between managed devices and ESET PROTECT is required. This can be achieved by using various methods - for example by creating VPN network across offices, or using HTTP proxies, which would work as an forwarder in this case.
Communication between ESET Management Agent and ESET PROTECT is using standard TLS+HTTP2, so here might be multiple alternatives.

But in case of very smaller offices, It would probably depend on how big effort it would be in comparison to "manual" management of separate ESET PROTECT servers, which might be sufficient for such a small environments.

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