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Possible Flash Malware On Ebay Sign-In

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I'm using ISS version 7.0.302.26 with everything up do date. I'm under Windows 8.1 with all recommended updates.

Until recently I never got the Flash alert on the ebay sign-in page (see attached picture).

Is this distant communication normal ?

I made a full ISS check without anything found, and also ran SpyBot S&D without anything found.

Should I just create a rule to accept Flash communicating with the distant IP ?

Or is this a possible threat which may pick my ID ?






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If you run "nslookup ebay.com", do you get these IP addresses in the result?

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There's another issue however: eset poped an alert with nslookup.

It took me a few seconds to accept the communication but this hanged nslookup.

I could not even kill the process under systernals process explorer so I rebooted, created the rule for nslookup and the IP check went fine.

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