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  1. SO BAD Fake antivirus Scan result! I have used HI BATTERY for over 1 month which is an absolutely a safe app . After installing your security app , it said: it is a Virus. Kidding me! Too bad! I also tested the Power Battery app from Lionmobi which is an absolutely a safe app (recommended by Google ) and i have used for over 8months. After installing your security app , it also said: Power Battery Trojan Virus. Please check the issue asap and give a response, thanks! My email: cz.123.2012@gmail.com
  2. Hi I'm looking for a way to remove some PUM.Dns infections on a customer PC. Virus Total flags it as a Win32.WisdomEyes.It seems to be uploading data at various times causing up to 100% cpu resources. Eset EndPoint does not pick it up on scan. ADW picks it up and removes some files if the pc is off line but once the pc is back on line back to square one. Any help appreciated.... Just to note customer pc is used from 6am to 10pm 7 days a week with 4 to 6 users. I have tried numerus tools to try to remove it with no success ie. Scan / removal Online - Offline etc. Regist
  3. Has anyone experience this virus attaching itself through Google Docs? My daughter's school issued laptop is not picking it up but when she logged into her google account on my Mac to print her document my Anti-Virus goes off 16 times. Any idea how to clean this up off her Google document? They are a group working on these documents though. I am surprise Google doesn't have built-in virus protection maybe an opportunity there Eset. :-)
  4. I keep getting pop ads and tabs by click track. This is happening in chrome. My browser freezes,the annoying pop-ups won’t stop, and homepage gets redirected to random sites I can't find it anywhere on my computer and would like help getting rid of it. BTW, how come ESET scan doesn't find it? Thanks!
  5. Excuse me,but I need a help. I can't find any solution from google's solution and facebook pc group. My flashdrive got a trojan virus from cyber cafe which cannot be defined. I used nod32 to scan but still can't remove it. My pc got that virus because I plugged in my flashdrive. The virus named:Trojan downloader:win32 wauchos A The Problem: I use the nod32 to scan my whole pc many times,but it still show up errors. The pictures are based on the nod32 logs. I can't find the virus location nor can remove it. I used show hidden files,usbfix,avast antivirus and microsoft safety sca
  6. Given ESET has helped me out in the past with virus removal tools I thought I'd post here first . 10 days ago I installed software from vttp://stereomixplus.com (replace v with h) to allow streaming my own internal PC audio online. After a few minutes I started noticing multiple background chrome processes making 200+ connections to different IPs. Initially hoping it was just an infection confined to Chrome I uninstalled, but then noticed exactly the same thing with background internet explorer processes in Kaspersky network monitor, so I blocked all connections, did numerous scans with vario
  7. Help Us, my computer treat virus .zepto file, how decrrypt file locked zepto. I Need Help
  8. Hi, Recently I encounter a strange problem. I am valid user of ESET 32 NOD ANTIVIRUS 8, daily update. While I try to play a video, received a message of download CODECFIX.exe. Since, I believe that my system is up to date with protection, I proceed and file downloaded to my computer.I scan again with ESET and no threat detected. However, when I started to install, this file disable my USER ACOUNT CONTROL, I got alerted by myself, since its quite wiered. However, ESET did not give me any alert of virus,Trojan or malware. I quit installation and run system scan. All appeared OK. I reconfigur
  9. I'am getting alerts of JS/ScrInject.B trojan on multiple sites I visit and it started after I saved a document on Word that I received via email. Word already flag that there was something wrong with the file but when I scanned it with ESET it didn't report anything. Since I needed it printed I enabled the saving but when I started browsing a bit later I started receiving pop-ups like those shown on the screenshot. I've ran eset and it didn't detect anything on drive c:. I've tried running the specialized cleaner but it says "Specialized cleaner quit unexpectedly". Malware bytes just
  10. ESET has been detecting and deleting the same virus from the same location every day for the last few weeks. According to the logs which I have attached, every morning on startup the virus gets deleted which means that it is being reinstalled every 24 hours. I have run a bootable bitdefender disk a few days ago but it did not succeed in killing this particular virus. Any responses are appreciated Thanks, Dan
  11. Hello, I visited the following page that was linked from themeforest.net http ://themedemo.indonez.com/?theme=Devster I clicked on the 'Blogs' category on the above page, and my antivirus displayed the following message: ---------- Scanner: HTTP filter Object type: file Object: http: // themedemo.indonez.com/?theme=Devster/Original/js/jquery-1.3.2.min.js Threat: JS/Kryptik.KG.trojan Action: connection terminated ----------- I did a check using urlvoid on the URL for Themedemo.indonez.com and no hits on blacklist hxxp://www.urlvoid.com/scan/themedemo.indonez.com/ Likewise also using
  12. I have had NOD32 for quite some years and been very happy with it, and seen it automatically block nasties that came in from email or websites. Something new hit me last friday, disabled NOD32 itself and rendered the machine effectively useless, corrupting some other files and apparently making the machine run infinite loops or something else that just tied it up; responding to a single keystorke might take half-an-hour and restarts did nothing. First warning: A window popped up, apparently from MacAfee, saying it needed to be updated and "click here" to download the update. Having Mac
  13. Hello! I have a problem with my professor Computers, affected by “LNK/Agent.BO Trojan” that spreading by USB disks. The Eset NOD32 Antivirus installed on my own computer already has identified and deletes it. But I can’t install the Eset antivirus on my Prof. computer for some reason. Therefore, I found a way to clean the USB disks by DOS command line but I need to clean up the Computer manually. I should also mention that his MacAfee antivirus database contains the virus but does not work because the virus operation. I would greatly appreciate it if you show me a procedure to eliminate that
  14. Hey Guys, I've a problem. Since some days it seems i got a Variant of the MSIL/Injector.YT Trojaner. At least Eset Nod32, Version 8 is showing it to me. It is not able to clean it, so i tried some other stuff. (Also Browsing this Forum and had a look in the Thread from Roberteo I also used the posted List in this Thread and tried to clean the system with different tools. They didn't found anything. After that i was using a kaspersky rescue disc - nothing found. So since Nod 32 is showing me in the Log-Data "Hey you have something" but is still showing me the green arrow "maximal pro
  15. How do I remove Astromenda. I have eset NOD32 antivirus 8. It was found through a scan.
  16. Hi, I have noticed a blockage trying to visit a multi media installer website the other day. Checking on eset cyber security pro, I found this virus quarantined 3 times. Here is the log content 21/03/14 17:12:50 HTTP filter archive hxxp:// www.connectmult imedia.com.au JS/Agent.NKW trojan connection terminated - quarantined 747john 21/03/14 17:11:51 HTTP filter archive hxxp:// www.connectmultimedia.c om.au JS/Agent.NKW trojan connection terminated - quarantined 747john 21/03/14 17:11:16 HTTP filter archive hxxp:// www.connectmultimedia.co.au/hom e-page JS/Agent.NKW trojan connectio
  17. Last Night I was infected by Poweliks while using ESET Smart Security 8. Due to being infected by Poweliks in November while using a different av, I recognized the infection right away. The "ESET Poweliks Cleaner" tool DOES appear to remove the infection. Is your real-time av simply not able to deal/detect registry based infections? Should I upload the Poweliks Cleaner log somewhere? I am unsure what information is passed on to ESET when I use the removal tool. The only reason I was able to deal with this infection in a timely manner was because of my previous experience/knowledge. Belo
  18. Hi, We have 75+ PC's running Eset Endpoint, administrated through ERA server. All clients are up to date on definitions. In the past few days, one of our staff downloaded *something* and infected their computer with Battdil.J. Eset did not pick up the virus when it was downloaded, or executed. It simply started to appear in the threat log in Operating Memory >> svchost.exe. Eset also failed to stop any of the several hundred emails sent from that staff member to our entire organisation shortly afterwards. The emails had the subject line "Invoice - xxxx", and a .zip attachement co
  19. Hi everyone, in some files Malwarebytes and AVG was detect malware as Trojan.Agent.CK, but NOD scan don´t detect this. Why? drWeb don´t detect this too...
  20. I reset my windows 8 of everything and downloaded Norton uninstall tool, ran it from my desktop, then restarted my computer as prompted. Directly following that I disabled windows firewall and all other windows anti-virus/malware options and did a online download of ESET antivirus and followed the prompts until it completed the installation. I also activated it using my username and password directly after. Suspicious of my hard drive info, including factory reset default setup or whatever it's referred to, I began to run a full scan of my C: drive and I have no networks or any device foreign
  21. Hello, I'm using ISS version 7.0.302.26 with everything up do date. I'm under Windows 8.1 with all recommended updates. Until recently I never got the Flash alert on the ebay sign-in page (see attached picture). Is this distant communication normal ? I made a full ISS check without anything found, and also ran SpyBot S&D without anything found. Should I just create a rule to accept Flash communicating with the distant IP ? Or is this a possible threat which may pick my ID ? Thanks, David
  22. Hello, I have tried all I know to do before seeking help. My HIPS log contains the following: 8/12/2014 9:55:34 PM C:\Windows\System32\services.exe Modify startup settings HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\services\TrustedInstaller\Start allowed Automatic mode 8/12/2014 10:03:36 PM C:\Windows\System32\services.exe Modify startup settings HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\services\efavdrv\Start allowed Automatic mode 8/12/2014 10:40:08 PM C:\Windows\System32\services.exe Modify startup settings HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM
  23. Just happened this morning. It kept popping up whenever I load a website that I noramally do not visit. It doesn't show up when I go to facebook, or youtube, etc. It does however show when I google something, go to a blog, etc. I need help. Already scanned my computer. Found a threat the first time I did then I tried several times after and ESET said it was clean, though it still shows up whenever I visit some sites. Is this a false positivity? Can my eset antivirus help me out? or do I need to do something else? :/ I would appreciate all the help I can get. Thanks.
  24. I was recently aware of an unauthorized user on my computer with a wierd user name. I have tried several times to delete it, but it keeps returning. I know it has to be some kind of Trojan or virus, but I don't know what kind. ESET doesn't detect it, and I have used several other programs to try to remove it without success. I have also tried the steps outlined in the support topic "I think I have a virus", and it still didn't work. I'd hate to have to restore to factory settings, but I will do it if there is no other solution. Can anyone help? I deleted the user again, but will post pictures
  25. Hi Earlier today ESET NOD32 came up with a message indicating that the Win32/Sirefef trojan was found in the operating memory. I have tried several things found on the internet, but none worked. I also ran the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool, and it actually detected malware, but upon a restart ESET gave the same error. What really baffles me is that ESET gives no option to clean or even quarantine or send for analysis on the trojan; all option i have is "No action". Could someone please try to assist me in attempting to remove the trojan? System Specs: Windows 7 Home
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