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EPNS cannot be reached - after upgrade v9 EES


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Dear ESET,

I got some problem on one of all my endpoint, EPNS cannot reached  be reached, i test on ping and telnet port 8883 and 443
epns.eset.com is reply

I found that in one of the check processes on ping and telnet there was an epns ip address which was quite difficult to connect or reply


is there currently a problem with one of the link ip epns.eset.com ?
is this the cause to appear status epns cannot reached

at the same time I will also try to contact my internet service provider, to get any clue for this issue
i get this issue after upgrade v9 endpoint security

Thank you.

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I tried it without proxy and via proxy without user authentication, this status keep stay on my endpoint

oh sorry im not tell information os
for client i use Windows 10, and another version windows like 7 sp1 dan windows 8 

and EP for server i use Linux Centos 7 (VA), i think for proxy no issue
because the VA eset has been configured properly for EPNS connection and another ESET connection
and have been using it so far no problems, i check on log.

but i found on my ping and telnet to port 8883 443 epns eset has dificult to connect (cannot stable connection) on my pc client and server.

my question

is this the cause a notification show up, because epns cannot stable to connect on location my network ?

or is there currently a problem with one of the link ip and domian epns.eset.com ?

or problem on new endpoint v9 ?

i got this issue after v9, and never happened in the previous version
and Send Wake-Up call on my management stil use properly
I'm confused why the notification can appear on endpoint if the EPNS link can be connected and another related feature is running properly.

is there any clue to fix this case.

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  • ESET Moderators

Hello guys,

LiveGrid communication module 1123.1 is available on pre-release update channel.

If you do not use the proxy try to switch to pre-release updates, confirm that LiveGrid communication module bas been upgraded to version 1123.1 and let us know if it resolved your issue, even if you have  License Interval Check set to limited.


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