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Puerto 7680 bloquedo por antivirus .. Port 7680 blocked by antivirus..

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Buenos días .

Consulto si el puerto 7680 de windows 10 es seguro que lo habra en el firewall del antivirus, he leido que es un puerto para la optimización de distribución para clientes de widnows 10, lo consulto por que si el puerto de windows porque el antivirus no lo reconoce y lo bloquea, adjunto algunos ejemplos ..




Good morning.

I consult if the port 7680 of windows 10 is safe,,? that it will be in the firewall of the antivirus, I have read that it is a port for the optimization of distribution for clients of widnows 10, I consult it because the port of windows because the antivirus does not recognize it and blocks it, I attach some examples ..

Best regards.



bloqueo en el 7680-1.jpg

bloqueo en el 7680-2.jpg

bloqueo en el 7680-3.jpg

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Sounds to me normal ,


It is for Update Delivery , if you have another Windows devices in the same network it could send them the updates or request it , and it can be enabled to give updates to windows devices in the world/internet , but it's disabled by default and only is run on Network Level

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