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Sort By Management Agent Version

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Just wondering if there's a way to sort all our system's by the Management Agent Version rather than just the Endpoint Antivirus version. The product filter on our server doesn't seem to have an option to search "ESET Management Agent" and only "ESET Endpoint Antivirus and ESET Server Security".

We have a ton of offline systems that we are currently sorting through, however we would like to push the Management Agent update out so it's a little bit difficult to figure out which ones are left we need to update.

(Sorry in advance if this is the wrong forum. A bit new here)

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Hello, recommended approach would be to use the dashboard / reporting functionality for it.

You can navigate to the tab "ESET applications", where you can see which are outdated and even list count of all outdated versions. Then you can initiate upgrade by "one click" from there, for a particular version, you seek to upgrade to a newest version.

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