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Cannot Interact with Notification Area Icon


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Hi everyone!


Sorry to post in both Forums (Fora?) but I'm not sure if the same people visit both.

Anyway, I've been having an ongoing problem with my Icon 'down by the clock'...it just sits there.

I can't click it, double-click it, or right-click it. No response. The only reason I know it's "live" is because I DO get current info when I mouse over.


(This is a brand new install of ESET AV on a fresh install of Windows 7 (x64), 16 GB RAM PC.)


I have Copied & Pasted (see below) my questions from both earlier in this week, as well as from 2 years ago!

Hopefully, someone here in the shiny new Forum will have an answer...


Thanks in advance!

Neil :)




Hi again,

It's been about 2 years since my last post (see below) and I'm having the same exact problem. It's obviously with a newer ESET version (6.0.316.0) with latest Virus Sig Database 8412 (20130604) but the problem remains.

As I asked previously, is there any way to fix this?
Thanks in advance!!
Neil :-)

Hi folks,

After recently upgrading from v4 to v5, I've noticed something odd.
I can no longer interact with the ESET Icon in the Notification Area!

Nothing happens when I double-click or right-click. (Win7 x64)

The only response I DO get is when I "mouse-over" the icon, and then I can see the version # ( and virus sig (6489).

If I want to actually get into the program itself, I have to go through Start|All Programs...

Anyone have an idea why this is happening? (and how to fix it?)
Neil ¦¬D


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Hey look, he's replying to himself!


I just wanted to say that after posting my problem here, it has mysteriously vanished!


I can't explain it...if someone here from the Forum had anything to do with it somehow, I thank you profusely!

If not, then it's even stranger! Either way, all of a sudden my icon is fully functional again and I'm a happy guy!


Thank You! :D

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It must have been something on your part, nothing was updated in EAV that could have affected this.

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Hi Marcos,


I guess so, because this morning...(wait for it)... it's back to its original non-responsive behavior!

Oh well, the program still works great and this is more of a nit-picky thing anyway, I really shouldn't complain!


Thanks again!

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Hey Neilyum

It seems rather radically, and it is only a suggestion you can try if you want. What I mean is, that you can do an uninstall by using Eset's uninstaller tool in safemode, and then after a reboot reinstall Eset, to see if it makes a difference. Here is a link to: How do I manually uninstall my Windows ESET security product?


Cheers, Janus =))




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Hi Janus!


Thanks so much for the suggestion, but I'm just recovering from a major PC meltdown (long story*) and I really don't want to make any more changes right now.

My Eset AV is running smooothly and I'm grateful for that! (My NotificationArea Icon issue is a very minor one compared to some real problems people are having.)


Thanks again though!


* Long story = My PC started to shut down at random. No error messages, no strange behaviors, no warnings, just a total sudden loss of power.

Had it in the shop over a dozen times, and each visit brought hopes of relief. They wound up replacing my Power Supply, RAM, CPU, Mobo (twice), HardDrive, and of course reinstalling Windows itself (twice also). Finally, just last week, the demon was excorsized and my system is running strong and steady again, first time since February!


Needless to say, I had to reinstall everthing from scratch (including ESET) but so far, so good! :)

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Hi Neilyum

Wauw, you definitely need luck to go your way. I wish you the very best of luck, and truly hope that your fearsome struggle with your pc is over.


Best of luck, regards Janus :-))


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Many thanks, Janus!


I don't want to tempt Fate by declaring victory just yet, but for the first time in a long time - it feels like my PC woes are behind me!


Thanks again, Neilyum ;)

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