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Few important suggestions for making ESET more powerful

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Hi Team,

I am one of the regular user of "ESET INTERNET SECURITY" on my Laptop/Desktop/Android Mobile Device for a long time for the last two years.

Also I am myself an Software/Technology professional.

So I have some very very crucial suggestions/feedbacks for the overall improvement of all ESET products.

Here as my feedbacks/suggestions as mentioned below.


1. As we all know firewall is the 1st line of defence for any security suite and it is one of the most essential component nowadays and ever since we are being connected to the internet. So please kindly make the firewall component in ESET internet security/smart security for home users more more powerful in terms of it's overall protection layer to protect against all kinds of old/new network attacks/system hijack attempts/intrusion attempts.The firewall must be tuned up to protect users against all kinds of DOS/DDOS, Buffer Overflow, OS Masquerading, Pentesting, Exploit Based Attacks, Remote Attacks and all other kinds of modern network intrusion/hack attempts.

2. We all know that ESET already has an IDS/IPS integrated into it's product, so it will be great if regular heuristics/signature updates can be provided for the same to make the Network/Host Intrusion detection and prevention system more powerful.

3. Advanced/Unknown types of fileless malwares, Ransomwares, Botnets,new kinds of spywares/adwares/keyloggers/rootkits, new kinds of Zero Day threats are always on the rise, so more frequent cloud based/signature based database updates regularly for the same could be very very helpful.

4. Also next generation advanced spywares/ransomwares/adwares are targeting Android users very frequently, so more expandable database updates for Android protection is very very crucial.

5. Lastly web protection/phising protection also needs to be updated more frequently.


So it's my request to please kindly forward my feedback's/suggestions to the product maintainence/development team of ESET so that we can see the very best and most powerful versions of ESET Internet Security/ESET Smart Security/ ESET Android Security in next upcoming versions of all ESET products.






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1. Suggestions should be posted in the appropriate topic in the appropriate roduct subforums.

2. Most of the things you've mentioned is already there.

3. Suggestions must not be general like I want a better firewall, better antiphishing etc. but should be focused on a particular feature with as many details as possible provided.

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