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Cloning question in ECP

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Currently running ESET Protect Cloud. For a VDI non-persistent disk environment would I be following these specific steps >>

https://support.eset.com/en/kb7864-cloning-computers-in-eset-protect-match-with-the-existing-computer-every-time  ? 

And if that is the correct information going forward and once the question is resolved from status overview, that will stay so every time the machine is rebooted and user receives fresh image we will not need to go back to Status Overview and keep answering the question to get the agent to check in with its unique identifier ?


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  • ESET Staff

Hello, I was trying to contact colleagues that has a deeper knowledge about this topic, but we might require some additional data, about what is the problem.  There were recently some modifications in the last iteration of ESET PROTECT, so it might require an update. I would recommend that you create an official ticket, and it will get to our devs, who will respond. 

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