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email content or new email text disappearing in Outlook

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since the last update received today, at least 4 computers on my network have problem with outlook... 

emails already received appear blank on the screen... but all is fine if I print. 
also when writing new emails, text is disappearing when typing or when I press enter. 

I uninstalled the antivirus on one of the computer... and everything is back to normal...

anything I can do to fix the problem besides uninstalling the antivirus?


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What product and version did you have installed? Does the issue return after installing the latest version from scratch with default settings? Actually there is no component in ESET that could cause issues while typing.

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This was an issue with Outlook. It should be resolved now. If yours are still appearing blank, go to File-->Account and check for updates.

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I found this on https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook_com/forum/oemail-osend/emails-are-blank-when-opened/60a75792-97a1-4493-85c6-5082c5b17e99

Hello, under Outlook options, go to Advanced, then navigate to Display, and uncheck "Disable Hardware Graphics Acceleration" if it is checked. Restart your app, or log out if possible, then see if the contents of your emails load up.
Hope this helps and let me know if you have further questions!

I did this and it helped me so I am passing the information along.

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