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I can't download ESET Mail Security for Linux

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I know that ESET Mail Security for Linux is not more available. But I have a true license active yet and I wipe my server and I have to install it again. But I can't find this executable to do download. Could you help me, please?


All the executable in ESET Sites appears not found when I do click in download.



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I'd recommend contacting your local ESET distributor with this inquiry so that they can keep track of who is using products that are approaching EOL.

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Hello @Luiz Coelho2


I would recommend you to take part in https://forum.eset.com/topic/32193-eset-mail-security-for-linuxbsdsolaris-customer-research/ as the team responsible is looking forward to hear opinions of customers so you may directly influence the decision making...

Peter on behalf of the teams responsible 

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