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ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED after upgrading win server from 2016 - 2019

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I have restarted services (apache, eset protect server and sqlserver) but still get "ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED" when attempting to use management console.

Any ideas?



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5 minutes ago, Marcos said:

Are you able to connect to the web console locally on localhost?

This is from localhost

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  • ESET Staff

Could you please double check that it is actually Apache Tomcat that is listening on port you are using? Are there possibly other HTTP/HTTPS servers that might be using the same port?
In case you confirm that there is actually running Apache Tomcat and it is listening on expected port, could you please  try different browser? Or possibly temporarily disable any security-related products that might be interfering with connection.
In case you will find out that there is something wrong with Apache Tomcat itself, I would recommend to double check thathJava is properly configured - we have seen multiple cases where it broke after upgrade and consequent restart.

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Hi @MartinK
Thanks for the response.
That server was a vm, and I made a snapshot before I upgraded.
Due to other issues I've reverted that server to an earlier build and all is now working OK.

I think I might be better off building a new server and migrating across, but in short term at least everything is now working OK.

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