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eset blocking me from going into paypal & eset " e" icon has disappeared from my laptop screen

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My " E" eset icon has disappeared and no longer on my laptop screen down at the bottom where it has always been for years ..  Also at the same Eset started blocking my paypal account..  The eset security page comes up and it says  " Secure browser has been opened "  in green with a checkmark on it ... but I cant click on the checkmark or do anything to get to paypal ... My friend has a computer and on her computer on this same Eset security page on it she is given options to continue with the secure browser or not ... I am not given any options ... and I cant even get into my eset because the icon has disappeared from my screen .. I have done nothing to cause this ... Please any help is appreciated ...Thanks Patricia 

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Marcos .... I tried reinstalling 2 different ways and neither worked .  I am a seller on ebay and I cant get into paypal because of eset and this is fraustrating ... 

I tried going online to your eset site and put the info in .. I put it all our info license key . username . license id , password and when I choose the program to be downloaded it says "  already has been installed "  and wont give me any other options ..

So I tried used the Eset app on my list of apps on my laptop and only option I had was to repair ... it tries to download and then stops and says " Installer information .. Service Eset service ( ekrn) could not be stopped. Verify that you have sufficent privileges to stop system service ... only gives to options  ( retry again & cancel ) .... I retried again 3 times and keep getting the same message .. I have gotten nowhere ... 

Patricia Stutz 

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follow the instructions in this article on how to enter safe mode and uninstall the program using the removal tool Eset provides.


then download it again from here


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