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How to enable IPv6 communication on Firewall

Zoltan Endresz

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Dear ESET Staff, 


Our clients using sometimes IPv6 communication for reach our enviroment.
Looks like our SCCM server is not able to communicate with our clients on IPv6.
If I turn off the ESET Firewall on a test client there is no problem, the SCCM <> client communication works fine.

Could you please help me how to configure our Firewall Policyes for allow this kind of traffic?


Thank you for your help in andvance!  

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No special rule to allow specifically IPv6 communication is needed.  You can:

- temporarily use learning mode to create permissive rules automatically
- on a client run the firewall troubleshooting wizard to view a list of recently blocked communications and unblock the desired one(s). You can then check the created rule and apply the same rule via a policy.

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