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    Trigger tasks based a definied activity time frame 
    Maybe it would be useful a possibilities to create tasks for a group of computers wich were active in a specifield time frame. For example "if they were not active during on the last two weeks" or "if they are active at the moment".
    Delete the duplicated computers automatically 
    Day by day I find "duplicated" computers on the system. I created a report to find these computers (Group by: Computer name and Count: Computer), then time to time I delete the older entryes. It is a bit confusing.
    Make a task chain
    It would be wonderful a new possibility to make a task chain. For example:
    Task 1: Update the EES
    Task 2: Trigger a pop-up window on the affected client (Please restart your computer or Your computer will restart in 60 minutes) 
    Task 3: Wait 60 minutes
    Task 4: Restart the client
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