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  1. Hi. Yesterday I upgraded ESET from 6. to 7.x on our Windows Server 2012 R2 and all seemed to work well. Today I could not connect to the web console from my Windows 10 client, it gave me a timeout. Only thing that changed besides the upgrade was a fresh installation of Dameware. So I checked all kind of things like open ports, running services etc. Locally I could reach https://localhost/era without any problems. I stopped the Dameware services, but no change. Then I looked at the firewall settings, although we didn't touch them for years. First I didn't see it but then I could not believe my eyes. "ESET Remote Administrator rule (Tomcat7)" was set to private and public, but not domain! All our machines are in a domain and all other rules only have domain activated. I guess that must have been changed by the upgrade because it worked for some years, until today. Does anyone have a clue why this happened? Regards Thomas
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