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  1. Yes, we run it on all clients. I can't post the whole app, but I'd be happy to post some code snippets that will give a decent idea of how to make your own.
  2. I have coded a small app that runs on client machines on the hour every hour and checks certain variables to see if a machine requires a reboot. If it does, the user is alerted via popup of the reason for the reboot. We use labtech as our RMM and while it does have a built in popup system for alerting users of reboots, it doesn't cover all the cases in which we'd like to alert the user of a required reboot. We also wanted to consolidate the reboot requests into one branded popup, so things like feature updates, AV updates, if we as administrators request a reboot, etc would all tri
  3. Hi, I work for an MSP and need a way of programmatically checking if a device needs a reboot. For the purposes of this question, assume I only have admin access to the machine itself, not any management consoles or web consoles, etc. As an example, Avast have a Reboot.txt file that appears in it's program files folder when a reboot is needed. I can use this file's presence to detect that the machine needs a reboot. I was hoping ESET would have something similar. I've set up a VM with an install of the trial, but it installed and didn't need a reboot to comp
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